John Fernandez



Panther City Photos started when I purchased my first camera in 2014. In one year I learned quickly that media files multiply exponentially and suffer from digital decay living on the web. Instead of only living on the web, I am using my collection of Panther City Photos to create an original set of postcards to send out into the world. In its simplest form this project is based on three elements: create, compose, and connect.Create: Instead of my photographs experiencing digital decay online or on a hard drive, I decided to create a series of postcards using my collection of Panther City Photos.Compose: I chose postcards as the format because postcards are the perfect mix of a visual and written memory. I would contend that postcards are the ancestors of the tweet.Connect: In a time of digital relationships, the feeling of receiving a postcard in the mail is priceless. A postcard whispers to your loved one “I am thinking of you.”What's in it for you? A postcard with a real stamp sent to you via mail from Panther City Photos. Even if you prefer email over snail mail, sign up anyway! I'll send you a digital postcard:)This map shows all of the places to where I've sent postcards.

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